Professional piercing needles

The sharpest on the market.

Professional piercing needles

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Silicone coated tri-beveled piercing needles.

  • 19g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 18g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 17g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 16g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 15g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 14g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 12g – 2″ long 100 needles per pack
  • 10g – 2″ long 50 needles per pack
  • 8g – 2″ long 25 needles per pack

Needles are sold not sterile.



Product features

Passivated Kiwami needles are made of stainless steel, an alloy with the ability of naturally forming an oxide film on its surface when in presence… Read more Coated Our needles are silicone coated. Silicone is a polymer with a siloxane chain made of silicon and oxygen atoms (≡Si-O-Si≡) as its ba… Read more Extremely Sharp Sharpness is likely the most important quality of a needle. When engineering Kiwami Needles it was decided that those would have stronger… Read more Packed at the source Manufacturing is made in a facility that also produces needles for the medical industry. Even packaging is handled with a level of care… Read more

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Kiwami needles are sold exclusively through our distributors.



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A clear vision of what a modern body piercer deserve, the will to turn an idea into reality and superior crafting experience.

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